36 Holes & 4 Cages

We Have Two 18 hole Courses

What was once known as Marshalls miniature golf was renamed Bat ‘n Club in 1988 by the Langlois family. Duane Langlois renovated the traditional 18 hole golf course adding an additional 18 hole course named Jungle Adventure and 4 batting cages. Duanne Langlois and his family successfully operated and served family fun to the Muskegon area for 34 years. The Sobczaks purchased the Bat ‘n Club in the summer of 2021. The two younger daughters wanted to become entrepreneurs and run a small business. The two girls plan on keeping the traditional family business alive in Muskegon. We hope to make many small improvements for your family to enjoy for many years to come.

11:00AM - 8:00PM
11:00AM - 9:00PM
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Jungle Adventure Golf

Choose the Jungle Adventure 18 hole course and you will experience a course where all ages can meet the challenge. Putt your way through beautiful shady foliage, and tranquil breezes, and be surrounded by exotic animal noises. This course takes you around a large water feature where if you’re lucky you may encounter our beautiful tree frogs, koi fish, and painted turtles. Both courses conclude with our bonus hole where you can take on our dynamite shack that can win you a free game. Beat the heat with this course that’s like no other!

Crazy Country Golf

When you choose Crazy County, Lunatic Larry will lead you through twisty turns and mighty hills. This 18-hole golf course will then take you through cascading waterfalls followed by a dry, arid desert-like course; where if you take the right turn will lead you to our shanty town. Putt through our Haywire Harbor which features lighthouses and a fun filled atmosphere. You will enjoy our meticulously- kept landscape and our lush flowers. This course is the ultimate miniature golf experience. At the conclusion of your adventures, putt through the bonus hole where you have a chance to blow up our legendary dynamite shack.

crazy country

4 levels of batting cages

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Slow Pitch Softball

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Fast Pitch Softball

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Little League

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Major League

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